Catalogue of Mental Health Measures

A new catalogue to maximise the take up of mental health measures has been launched by the ESRC Mental Health Leadership Fellow in collaboration with CLOSER and the ESRC. The catalogue aims to provide easy access to information about the mental health measures included in British cohort and longitudinal studies.

Background of the project:

Mental health awareness has been steadily increasing the past few years. Estimates of the extent and the adverse impacts of mental health problems underline the urgent need for more research to better understand the causes and the consequences of mental ill health and to identify the most effective interventions. Existing longitudinal and cohort studies provide unique opportunities to answer key questions related to population mental health and wellbeing. But what has been collected? When? By whom? and how?

The UK boasts rich and world-renowned cohort and longitudinal studies which feature large sample sizes, wide breadths of measures and exceptionally long follow-up times. This offers unique opportunities to answer key questions about mental health and wellbeing.

The catalogue provides details of the measures and studies and is designed to serve as a resource for researchers seeking data that include mental health and wellbeing measures; planning harmonisation studies; or planning further data collection. The resource is intended also for researchers not familiar with mental health or from disciplines not related to mental health (e.g. demographers, geographers, urbanists, linguists).

You can access the catalogue through visiting:

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Catalogue of Mental Health Measures