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Title and Publication Co-authors
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Bullying and victimization in childhood: effects on mental health during adolescence. Podcast


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Accompanying Editorial:

Smoke and mirrors – are adolescent cannabis users vulnerable to cognitive impairment? Addiction, 113, 266-267


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Title and Publication Co-authors

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Bullying and victimization in childhood: effects on mental health during adolescence Podcast

Title and Publication Co-authors

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  • International press coverage included the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, and Reuters.
  • This paper was awarded a Janice Sinson Research Award from the UK Mental Health Foundation.

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  • This paper was awarded a Janice Sinson Research Award from the UK Mental Health Foundation
  • This paper garnered substantial media attention, including radio and print stories at over 50 publications, and has been scored within the top 5% of research output assessed by the Altmetric software
  • International press coverage included the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, and Reuters
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